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PRASHAM CCTV Camera Advisory Service is an Independent Dealer and Web based information company dedicated to disseminating general information concerning Closed-circuit television and linking customers to quality organizations who can meet their specific requirements. Powered by Prasham Computers technology made possible by a focused and ongoing commitment to R&D;, PRASHAM's unmatched portfolio of integrated solutions fit tomorrow's needs today. Realizing that the average person, when they begin to look into CCTV, has little way of knowing where to find expert advice at a reasonable cost, we have set up this web site to bring together some of the top people and organizations working in this field. CCTV Camera is an acronym for Closed Circuit Television. Closed circuit as in, an installation of directly connected components creating a circuit which cannot be viewed by anybody outside of the circuit.This is different to a terrestrial television broadcast system which can be viewed by anybody with an arial/antenna or other reception equipment .CCTV systems are customized to suit the nature of the premises and the security needs of the customer. The ideal CCTV system should provide excellent quality pictures in both daylight and darkness, be easy and flexible to use and provide high quality images for recording evidence or to help analyses an event


Basic Features of CCTVs

A closed-circuit television (CCTV) system uses a stand-mounted or hand-held video camera to project a magnified image onto a video monitor or a television (TV) screen" (From AFB). A CCTV includes the following basic features:

  • video camera with zoom lens (hand-held or stand)
  • monitor or television (attached camera or external)
  • provide enlarged image of material under camera
  • magnification range of 2X to 60X+
  • switchable polarity (black text/white background or white text/black background)
  • controls for focus, magnification, brightness, contrast
  • X-Y viewing table for easy material movement
  • variety of monitor sizes (5 inches to 20+ inches)

Advanced Features of CCTVs

CCTV Camera Dealer

black and white camera with color monitor (allows user selectable foreground and background colors)color camera with color monitor (view full color enlarged images)controls for foreground and background color, split image, color or b/w presentation line markers or windowing (horizontal and/or vertical screen masking that provides a user selectable viewing window for reading)motorized viewing table

Types of CCTVs

  • hand-held camera connected to a monitor or TV
  • self-contained portables
  • stand-alone units
  • camera units which share a computer's monitor
  • computer/scanner based text magnification