Security System Solutions


PRASHAM Security Solutions empower organizations to anticipate, manage and mitigate security, safety and operational risks in real time, and to thoroughly investigate and reconstruct incidents for future prevention and prosecutorial evidence. Powered by leading-edge technology made possible by a focused and ongoing commitment to R&D;, PRASHAM's unmatched portfolio of integrated solutions fit tomorrow's needs today.

To date, there are many different systems and ways of protecting the objects and territories. With the rapid market development of technical means of protection, the manufacturers offer a wide range of security solutions. Along with the expensive Perimeter security systems, production in Western Europe, Russian Federation and the U.S., offers a wealth of products of Asian origin with a low price tag, but questionable quality. In today's economic conditions have to find a middle ground and select the optimal combination of reliability, quality and price. Suggest consulting with perimeter security systems from Russian Federation, they are intended to protect the perimeters of objects and territories of any complexity and length. Data security detectors are based on two different principles of detection and allow for optimal protection object like a package of security, so in the application of the local areas of objects.